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ppl who randomly message u on the tumble are the best kind of ppl even if they’re just bein all like ‘hello!’ because its like omg hi hello person wow someones talking to me this is the best day ever

i get like 10 hellos a day because of this post


No one ever messages me. 😒

I got seven hellos & hi’s the last time i reblogged this

….talk to me, maybe?

I mean, we don’t have to like commit to anything initially. Or ever. Yeah that’s fine too.

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Do you know the horrors that happened where you’re standing?

Life goes on, strange isn’t it?


No but during class the other day my TA was just like “Imagine how many slaves it took to build this campus.” And we all just stared at her because why.

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Just because I want to fuck you until we both can’t move does not diminish the fact I want to hold your hand and watch movies and build pillow forts with you and go to the store and buy tampons for you when you’re on your lady week.

"When you’re on your lady week."

Someone date this guy already.

I would. Lemme get yo digits.

Just because I want you told hold me while I cry and force you to watch a Nicholas Sparks movie doesn’t mean that I don’t also want to do the frickky-frack stuffs.

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Lessons in how to not pick up girls

  • <b> <b></b> Me:</b> *likes tweet of guy*<p><b>Guy:</b> literally 10 seconds later "wryd y u no fuck me"<p><b>Me:</b> what. no. liking tweets does not equal... what are you and why are you.<p><b></b> #stopwhitemen2k14 #singleandreadytonevermingle<p><p>


If you’ve been:

        - physically abused

        - verbally abused

        - depressed

        - unbelievably stressed

        - had your heart broken

       - dealing/dealt with your parents separating

       - hiding stuff from friends/family cause you’re scared of being judged

       - judged for something you can’t help

       - self harmed

….Then reblog this to show people what reality is like for you.

I’ve been physically abused and, let me tell you, that shit ain’t fun. Its the antithesis of fun. If any of my followers and friends want to talk, I’m here.

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